Coffee Addicts Unite

If you’re like me (or at least pre-BLE me), then you like a little coffee with your cream and sugar. In fact, in my first week of Bright Line Eating, I gave up coffee completely because I couldn’t see myself ever liking it again without cream or sugar. It was a sad, sad week, so I decided to start drinking it again with 4 tbsp (or 2 oz) of whole milk. I still wasn’t very happy with how it tasted, so I tried buying a stronger blend, which helped a little. Eventually, I remembered that my friend Christine had introduced me to packaged Starbucks iced coffee before going on Bright Line, and I loved it!

Below is a picture of all of the different options they have that are all Bright Line approved! I usually find them next to the half & half at the grocery store. I drink the medium roast with the green lid:


I love being able to have an iced coffee on hot summer mornings that stays flavorful the whole time I’m drinking it! I used to hate when I would get iced coffee at Starbucks and the flavor would dwindle away as the ice melted more. The other thing that’s so great about this coffee is how naturally sweet the flavor is. I have actually started drinking this black sometimes when I get home from work, which is something I never thought I would ever willingly do.

In the mornings, I have 1 cup of this coffee with 2 tbsp of half & half as 1/4 of my protein serving. I originally didn’t think I would want 2 tbsp of half & half compared to 4 tbsp of milk, but it really does make my coffee so much creamier than the milk did! I hope y’all can enjoy your coffee still as much as I do! Have a great day and remember: death before decaf!! 😉


2 thoughts on “Coffee Addicts Unite

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  1. I love my coffee, and thankfully I was already in the habit of drinking it black. But I’ve had to ditch the tea since I started Bright Line Eating :/ I’m just so used to having a little something sweet, whether a chocolate or a biscuit (cookie). It was easier to get rid of the cue (afternoon tea!) than try and have tea without the biscuit. I’m jealous that you can just buy that in a shop when you’re out. All of our Starbucks packaged coffees in UK/Ireland have sweetener in them 😛


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